Fall Arrives!

The heat of summer has been replaced by fall, like every year, and hopefully it will get cooler still. What can we really look forward to celebrating, seeing, enjoying in fall? Well, there could be the general notion for starting anew, but I would not day that that is only specific to the fall, or if you call it autumn or what have you. Of course, with any new season comes new opportunities to work on your image, such as at school (since this is also back-to-school season), and time to wear new things, in this case scarves, jackets, and boots! Also, new fruits and vegetables can be sought after, especially the pumpkin. Seasonal drinks make their way to your local coffee or smoothie shops and comfort food become a common item. Do not forget how you will have the daintily colored leaves that you can pile up and jump into!

There are holidays to look forward to, like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Halloween is your time to be creative, whether you do a “Do It Yourself” costume to experiment with your look, or wear some really crazy Halloween make up! On Thanksgiving, you can gather with family, or friends if family is far (like I have seen.) You can devour that colossal turkey and maybe feel guilty about it later, but hey, Thanksgiving comes once a year, and you only get to do this once a year, so maybe consider that it could be worth all the guilt!

Whatever you decide, you should appreciate fall. I know everyone loves summer, but fall is pretty great too!

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