Fashion Filmmaker Nick Knight Creates New Film, "The Worst Crime is Faking It"

Fashion Filmmaker Nick Knight Creates New Film, “The Worst Crime is Faking It”

Director Nick Knight of made a film not too long ago, in 2014, called “Subjective.” In this film, he simply made the statement that models are the tacit part of the fashion industry.

Although venerated in ways and celebrated in facades, models are pushed aside as beauty objects. A bendy and trendy phenomenon, the models are still not recognized for their craft, talent, or skills—while photographers’ and stylists’ work is taken note of. Nick Knight makes this possible, presenting the contemporary history of fashion as told by the models, who are, in essence, some its subjects. The film, “Subjective”, features models like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Winnie Harlow, Lily Cole, and others.

Nick Knight has now come forward with a new film, “The Worst Crime is Faking It.” In this film, he portrays the two lovers in their unadulterated, intimate love. The two lovers are by the names of Demi Scott and Harmony Boucher. The work envisages to document intrinsic, heartfelt, and relatable feelings of loss, love, pain, and affection. The film showcases items available for purchase from’s online store. The film features retro and popular culture icons in poster in the bedroom, such as David Bowie and Prince. Another prominent figure in the film is an enormous teddy bear!

The lens is open in ways, as it documents the two lovers as if the two were not aware. It documents their love and portrays it an a way that it is absolute and earnest to the fullest. The movie was styled by Anna Trevelyan, once again promoting menswear and womenswear available for purchase on the website! A couple of the designers whose pieces are shown are Raf Simons and Cottweiler.

The film deviates from Nick Knight’s previous work, relying on observation rather than direction, as said on the SHOWstudio website itself.

The film, which is 15 minutes and 54 seconds, can be watched on the SHOWstudio website and other online platforms, like YouTube.


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