FBI Reports Spike in Background Checks on Black Friday

In the wake of recent tragedies involving gun violence (The Colorado Springs shooting and the still unfolding San Bernardino shooting) the argument both for and against more strict gun control laws has been a trending debate.

There are people who believe that the second amendment should be protected. They think that creating far stricter gun laws or even eliminating guns all together would be counter productive.  And of course there are arguments that enough is enough, we have had too many tragedies to keep believing that we don’t have a gun problem in this country.

But there’s a new element to the mix. Should we sell guns… on door buster Black Friday sales? Because we are. And apparently they’re a hit.

We just have to hope that no one was wrestling over AK-47’s like they were the new Samsung curve. Fingers crossed no one headed into the Gun Emporium’s Black Friday “Bogo” sale before hitting up the Macy’s Doorbuster event. But whatever the circumstances were, firearms actually were a hot selling item this Black Friday.


On Tuesday, the FBI announced they had processed a record breaking number of background checks due to the sale and purchase of firearms this Black Friday. The exact number is a stunning 185,345 background checks! The FBI details it was roughly two per second.

Americans were rapidly purchasing a mass amount of firearms the exact same day of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood attack. According to the past accounts there were 5 percent fewer background checks on Black Friday in 2014. The last spike in background checks for firearm purchase in a single day was Dec. 21, 2012. Which was the week following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary took place.

President Barack Obama speaking on the Colorado Springs attack

President Barack Obama said in a press conference in regards to the Planned Parenthood attack, “Enough is enough,” He said the Planned Parenthood shootings proved that as a nation we all must “do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war” that “people who have no business wielding.” And if anyone has no business wielding a gun, it’s the person who bought a gun because it was on sale.

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