Federal Aviation Administration Halts Arrivals , Gunman Reported Near San Diego Airport

Federal Aviation Administration Halts Arrivals , Gunman Reported Near San Diego Airport

SAN DIEGO — The Federal Aviation Administration prohibited flights from landing at San Diego International Airport Wednesday after a gunman began firing at police from a nearby apartment complex, authorities said.

Police said the gunman began firing at officers, who were responding to a domestic violence call, from his apartment about two miles away from the airport, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Nearby schools and streets were locked down and police urged residents to stay indoors as a SWAT team attempted to contain and neutralize the gunman.

The FAA issued a ground stop order at the airport, which bars flights from arriving there. It wasn’t initially clear whether the gunman was firing at aircraft.

An FAA official said the ground stop was issued because arriving flights at Lindbergh Field would have to fly directly over the gunman’s apartment. Departing flights were not affected because they take off in another direction, away from the apartment complex.

“He has been actively shooting, sporadically,” San Diego Police Lt. Scott Wahl told the Union-Tribune, adding that the woman involved in the initial domestic call was safely out of the apartment.

No one has been injured and police don’t believe anyone but the gunman is inside the apartment.

Authorities said the gunman was firing a high-powered rifle in various directions. Police responded by shooting tear gas into the area, reports said.

“Only thing I have heard from the police is that there is a shooter and to stay inside, or at least venture no closer,” resident Scotty Joseph said, noting that he heard at least 30 gun shots. “Neighbors have been in and out. Everyone is curious, but nobody wants to get shot.”

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