Ferguson Protesters Shut Down I-70 near Blanchette Bridge

Ferguson Protesters Shut Down I-70 near Blanchette Bridge

Protesters shut down I-70 in both directions for a half hour during rush hour.  Traffic came to a stand still between 141 and the Blanchette bridge on Monday evening.  The act of civil disobedience is part of the anniversary weekend of the shooting of Michael Brown.  There have been several arrests.

Protesters formed a line while holding hands I-70.  There were barriers with, “Ferguson is everywhere” written on them.  Demonstrators were successful in stopping traffic for about 20 minutes.  Only one vehicle made it through their line.

The Missouri Highway Patrol broke up the roadblock at around 5:50pm.  Protesters could be seen going back to their cars.  They were followed by police.  There were several arrests in a nearby parking lot.


Gif of the car breaking through a line of protesters: 





Traffic begins moving again on I-70 after protesters are cleared by MO Highway Patrol.


MO State Troopers clear I-70 of demonstrators. 


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