Fifty Cent Files For Bankruptcy, Poses With Giant Stacks Of Cash

Look out Kanye, there’s a new broke rapper out there in the world. And he’s claiming he’s only got fifty cents to his name. No wait… Sorry, actually his name is Fifty Cent! The rapper filed for bankruptcy in July, but is not being taken seriously. I’m afraid it is because Fifty doesn’t know how to correctly file for bankruptcy. He’s posted an instagram picture of stack 100 dollar bills spelling out the word “Broke”. But that just seems… I don’t know, counterintuitive to me?


As it turns out, I am not the only one who thinks the “Get Rich or Die Tryin’” rapper is being dishonest. The United States Bankruptcy Judge Ann M. Nevins is expecting to hear the truth from him in a new lawsuit he will now be facing. His defense is that while he still has money coming in, it’s all going out in the form of endless lawsuits he is involved in.

Instead of posting pictures of his endless stack of cash to poke fun at how broke he is, he should take after Kanye and ask people to invest in him. Why are all the rappers these days so broke? I always thought rappers were rolling in dough, well all except DJ Jazzy Jeff, everyone knows he’s not making it rain. It’s weird seeing all these rappers scraping for money lately. It’s like what I would imagine it being like if you were a kid and you saw Santa Claus and discovered that rather that a flying sled he drives a 1998 Honda Civic. Rappers are supposed to have elaborate hair cuts, golden pistols, and expensive, glamorous prostitutes. Now they’re just blading, have old baseball bats, and alimony. Someone please help these billionaires get more money so we can go back to fantasizing about obtaining their life styles?! La, La, La, La we all can’t wait for Fifty Cent to get his money, right?!

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