Films That Make Adolescence Less Painful

Films That Make Adolescence Less Painful


1) Angus,Thongs and a Perfect Snogging

This film addresses the pains of growing up and going through those awkward ,awful teenage years in life. The struggle of fitting in a looney school that glorifies popularity in the figure of the skinny,blonde fake barbie girl dominance.The terrifying infatuation and anxiety one feels with our first serious crush.This is movie is the more PG ,UK version of Mean Girls with less focus on mean girls but a close friendships.



This is another great indie film from the UK.This film is painfully hilariously abstract about life’s adversities.About a boy meets girl scenario involving Oliver, and Jordana a tough girl,bully who Oliver compliant as they are both deemed as outcasts at their school.Oliver who who is trying to find  defiance in life ,while saving his parents marriage finds himself struggling to manage all aspects of his life.



This French indie is as tragic as it is hilarious.This movie takes on the life of a French gal Ameile and her tragic past. Ameile just an ordinary girl ,sets to better the life of those she encounters in her daily living to returning lost treasures to strangers.When one day she  finds a photo album and sets to return it to its owner who she then falls in love with and pursuits to finding .


4)Frances Ha

Set in black and white to add nice indie,classical touch.It is a film that tells a story about a girl who is awkward in her naturea.She struggles with simple things like being “likable” enough for a guy to keeping up with the adult life of finances.It has a right down to earth feeling in that it is Gordad-ian ,French aesthetic with a dilalogue that plays resemblance to Woody Allen’s Annie Hall in it’s hopeless romantic defiance.


5)Ghost World

Based on two best-friends who have nothing entitled to their name after  high-school,who then began a life of job hunting and face the atrocities of real life.One of them(Rebecca) manages to keep up with the real life while the other(Enid) has problems being complaisant in the work field .Enid then finds comfort in an elderly man and leaves all hopes of moving out and getting her life together.

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