Five Takeaways From The Second Week Of The NBA Season

Of the two teams that have yet to win a game in the early NBA season, one team painfully allowed for Stephen Curry to break the single-game record for most 3-pointers made in a game. Anthony Davis continued his outstanding start with 33 points and 13 rebounds.

While Davis has emerged as an early season MVP candidate, his team has failed to pick up the slack. On the East Coast, the Philadelphia Sixers have now lost 43 consecutive (this is not a joke) games during the months of October and November. Things are not working out and it has become painfully awful for the last few years.

  1. While Steph Curry dazzled us with 46 points and a record breaking performance in 35 minutes, there is a underlying storyline brewing here. The Warriors have been out-rebounded in five of their seven games so far this season. Last night the team go to the line a grand total of 12 times. They are only getting to the line 22 times a game so far which is in the bottom half of the league compared to the 30 three point attempts a game which ranks in the top 10 of the league. It will be interesting to watch how they combat teams who out rebound them. When they are on they are nearly unbeatable, but when the shots are not falling and Durant and company are failing to get to the line they will struggle to win.
  2. James Harden has excelled in his new role so far this season while still putting up 31 points a game. So far his double-double average has him as an early MVP favorite alongside Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Damian Lillaird. The Rockets defense has lacked as expected but Harden has carried the load and has the team ranked in the top 5 for points per game.
  3. The Los Angeles Lakers have been a great team to watch this season. So far this season they have averaged 110 points a game, dominated the Warriors and have a young core of players that will peak around the time the Warriors decline. Five players average at least 13 points a game. Watch out for Los Angeles this year.
  4. The Cleveland Cavaliers will run through the East this season. Paul George complained about the Pacers lifeless play so far this season. The Hornets are 5-1 but have not beaten a quality team till this point. As of now there is no clear threat to the throne out east.
  5. The other Los Angeles team is off to a fast start currently sitting atop the Western Conference. The defense is key here. They rank first in in the league for fewest points allowed. If they can continue this trend, they will surely compete with Golden State and San Antonio for a spot in the NBA Finals. Like the Spurs, they have the big men to compete with Cleveland.

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