Five Takeaways From Week One of The NBA Season

Five Takeaways From Week One of The NBA Season

A new season is among us and while most eyes have been on the NFL and the World Series that concludes tonight, the NBA product has improved exponentially this season. We have had several performances so far this season that make you question if the player is human or not. Five teams currently have yet to lose and while that will change soon, the avid NBA fan should be excited for what will come.

The Cavaliers are the best team in the NBA: Last year Lebron was miserable. When he wasn’t busy subtweeting his teammates, Lebron excelled in the role of team dad. He was visibly frustrated for stretches of the season last year even though the Cavaliers finished the season as the one seed. But now after erasing a “3-1 lead”, Lebron and the Cavs have loosened up and its showing. Everyone is more comfortable in their role. Kyrie Irving is putting up stellar numbers, and while the league MVP will most likely come from this team. We all know who the best player in the league is.

The Big Man has re-emerged in the NBA. While Karl-Anthony Towns hasn’t had a dominant performance yet in this early season, others including Demarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis and Myles Turner have shown what will come for the next crop of NBA Big Men. They can all spread the floor and dominate on both sides of the court. Turner leads the league with 12 blocks through four games. Anthony Davis had a casual stat line of 50-15-5-4-5. While the NBA is always moving towards a more finesse style of play, it is refreshing to see forwards and centers dominate.

James Harden was anointed the “point guard” in the offseason. And while he has been known as one of the more ball-dominant guards in his time at Houston, Harden has already exceeded those expectations. Last night against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Harden’s statline was: 41 points (13-for-20 FG; 5-for-9 3P; 10-for-14 FT), 7 rebounds, and 15 assists. Houston’s defense has suffered with the lost of Dwight Howard, but the offense will easily be top five this season.

Russell Westbrook has carried the Thunder to an undefeated record so far. His 40.4 usage percentage will catch up to him eventually and hurt the Thunder’s chances of being a serious contender, but Westbrook has a serious chance to average a triple double this year. He know one speed and we love him for that. As of now Westbrook is averaging a casual 38.7 points, 11.7 assists and 12.3 rebounds on a 45% clip. We love you Westbrook, keep giving us awesome commercials.

The Chicago Bulls till this point are the real deal. They (not the Cavaliers) average the most points in the Eastern Conference per game. The Bulls destroyed the Brooklyn Nets 118 to 88 while holding them to 34%. The shooting will not stay a 43% clip the entire season but the team meshes well. Rajon Rondo has shown he actually cares about basketball still and is averaging 11 assists in only 29 minutes. The bench has surprisingly played well with Nikola Mirotic averaging 13 points so far this season. The 31 three pointers is the most made in by the Chicago Bulls in HISTORY.

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