FL King Cobra Roaming, Caution Floridians!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word fear? What about when you hear the word, phobia? What are you phobic of, snakes, spiders, needles, the sight of blood, heights, drops, speed, bugs, rollercoasters, anything else in particular? Snakes are described by many people as one of their biggest fears. In fact, according to some sources including Livescience.com and Gallup.com, snakes are of the top most feared and even top the list on Gallup.com.

As if Floridians did not have enough to worry about with the atrocious storms, there is a new monstrosity hitting there in a small number, and it is a snake. This is not just any snake, it is a king cobra and it escaped from its owner. A frightening sight in slithering form indeed, the snake is 8 feet long. In fact, the reason the snake escaped was the weather.

According to Steve Almasy at CNN, an elementary school in Central Florida is being searched. 10 people including the team appointed by the snake’s owner, Mike Kennedy, and one person from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the FWC, are searching.

The snake is said to be green and white and targeting possibly the smaller mammals and reptiles. It is unlikely, though, according to the snakes owner, that anyone can be hurt by this animal. In fact, according to CNN, Mike Kennedy said lightning is more likely to hit a person than is this king cobra to bite anyone.

The snake escaped Tuesday and, although Kennedy seems assured that it will not try to hurt you, when frightened this organism can be very dangerous.

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