Thank You Frank Ocean For The Oddest Album Rollout Ever

Thank You Frank Ocean For The Oddest Album Rollout Ever

Like a thief in the night, Frank Ocean re-appeared two days ago on the Apple Music stream that quickly became the focus of the musical world. The stream would eventually begin to play music, but this time Ocean’s voice was involved.

Those who watched the stream weeks ago noticed familiar instrumentals. And then when we least expected it, the album dropped on Apple Music. Well at least one of two versions. Endless became the visual album we all did not know we needed. Ocean gave us what we secretly desired in these four years. To just see him alive.

And then a music video titled “Nikes” released in the early hours of Saturday. The video provokes reaction – conversation about our world. The NSFW video began the album rollout for his second album and ended with a figure being burned alive and Ocean donning a glitter outfit.

Yesterday in the middle of the day, a pop-up shop appeared. Ocean’s magazine Boys Dont Cry surprised social once again. In New York, London, LA and Chicago fans could pick up a copy. On the inside were personal poems and a strikingly funny poem titled “Mcdonalds” penned by Kanye West.

Around 4 p.m. yesterday, an album titled Blond appeared on Apple Music. The second version featuring new music had finally arrived for listeners. After four years of unfulfilling nights, all of our wildest dreams had came true. Ocean fans were given a visual album, a music video and an album within 24 hours. The deprived fans had come to the conclusion they would never hear his voice in cdq again.

The album is his most personal to date. If this is his last collection of music to grace this Earth, then all have been blessed. The production on songs like “Pink + White” and “Self Control” completely eliminate the outside world to create an intimate connection between listener and musician. The lyrics match perfect;y with each melody and chord and time change.

Ocean is not known for having many features on his album. A Significant moment in Blond was the surprise verse that came at you with the power of a “White Ferrari”. Andre 3000 blessed listeners with a few minutes of pure energy in “Solo (reprise)”. 3000 even made a subtle jab at Drake with the lyrics “I’m so naive I was under the impression that everyone wrote they own verses”.

With his most openly homosexual album to date, Ocean reminded us of the beauty of being yourself. After releasing the album, he penned a very personal letter to all of his fans. “Thank you all. Especially those of you who never let me forget I had to finish. Which is basically every one of ya’ll.” From very little communication to a visual album of garage work and glitter. Frank Ocean has arrived in the streaming age of music. Everything is calculated.

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