Frank Ocean fans continue to wait for his sophomore album Boys Dont Cry. In the early hours of August, an art piece was posted to his website.

According to Frank Ocean Daily, the video is a collaboration with an artist named Francis Soriano.

In the several hours that this live stream has played, there has been mysterious instrumentals that played in the background. The music could possibly be new music from the artist. There have also been several camera angle changes in the time that this video has been posted, most notably with this angle.


The boombox in the far right corner resembles the same art piece used by Tom Sachs according to a twitter user.

After deleting his Instagram and Twitter pages a few years back, the only source of official news from the artists himself seems to come from his website. Any news is great news for an artist who released his last Grammy winning album, channel Orange, four years ago. Last month his website was updated with an image. This library card increased hopes of his album releasing a year after he promised he had “two versions” in July of last year. The numerous dates on the card signaled missed released dates with the last one being July 2016 and a date being blurred out.

Following the speculative news that a new album was on the way, he was also featured in the new Calvin Klein ads. The fanbase knows that increased public appearances should equal new music. But as we all know this has been an exhaustive journey.

In the video a man appears to be building something. Most are able to views this stream on their mobile phones but have trouble accessing on a laptop. Frank has taken up a new hobby in his spare time and wants Apple Music to display his new talents it appears. With the Apple Music logo in the corner of the screenshot, this all but confirms a deal with the company is in place. The frustrating wait continues hoping for something more than a directionless video.

 frank walking

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