Georgia Student Protesters Arrested For Sit In For Integration

Monday night fourteen college student were placed under arrest after a sit in protest on multiple college campuses in Georgia. The demonstration was in opposition to a ban on undocumented immigrants from attending top rated public universities in the state.

Over 90 students at the Universities in accordance with the activism group “Freedom University” demonstrated in commemoration with the 56th anniversary of the sit in demonstration of Greensboro, North Carolina, which was a demonstration in protest racial segregation. The two sit ins are hauntingly similar for events that take place nearly sixty years apart from each other, with little progress being made for another minority group. and left many feeling the urgent racial divide America is still presented with when it comes to foreigners; Be it immigrants, refugees, or otherwise non-white newcomers to the country they have been faced with an incessant  amount of hurdles to jump in the past year. The sit in demonstration was to oppose a state Supreme Court decision that stated undocumented immigrants would not be able to sue Georgia in order to gain in-state tuition rates for the Georgia public colleges.

While many of the protesters left when the police asked, those who did not were the ones placed under arrest. The organization has asked for donations on their social media pages in order to make bail for those arrested. The organization could also use help in gaining more attention from the public. As The current Deferred Action For Child Arrivals currently does not qualify as “lawful presence” and qualified students are still unable to attend.



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