Why Germany’s Direct Approach To Texting Pedestrians Should Inspire All Major US Lawmakers


Watch out Ampelmann there is a new German crosswalk helper in town, and he is so down to earth he is in the ground (literally)!

These days phones are distracting most of us from important things in life. Things like awkward social gatherings, meeting fun new possible murderers on the subway, and the crippling weight of the world you feel while lying in bed late at night when your mind wanders. Tumblr and it’s addictive endless scroll makes it all too easy to forget all of those little nuggets life offers.

Unfortunately phones distract us from life threatening things as well, like speeding traffic. Luckily Germany has a solution to that. According to CNN “Two German cities were concerned enough to install traffic lights that face up at pedestrians… on the sidewalk. The southern city of Augsburg recently installed the system at two crowded train stations after a manager saw something similar in Cologne.”

The community of Augsburg are a bit turned off by the price of the lights which are about $11,000 USD each. But Jurgen Fergg whose name sounds like an eighties pop duo and is also the spokesman of the Augsburg municipal services claimed that the lights’ pricey cost is “justified compared to the damage that can be prevented.”

But the city of Augsburg has little to complain about, really. Sure the lights are expensive, but they are convenient. Now you can keep your eyes glued to your phone to distract yourself from the fact that you’re too broke to buy a car and have to walk to your crappy job and risk your life on Germany’s crazy Autobahn-like roads.

Leave it to Germany to have such a literal response to people looking at their phones to often. In America we are so roundabout with these issues. In some states there has been talk of fining people for walking while texting or being otherwise preoccupied on their phones at busy crosswalks or walkways. But in Germany they’ve skipped right over threat and went straight to solution. Of course Germany was so straightforward with this address to their problem, this is the country where instead of giving out speeding tickets they’ve made their speed limit 130 kilometers per hour. Of course they were that direct and efficient, I mean this is the country where in their language the literal translation for slug is “naked snail” and the literal translation for glove is “hand shoe”. They practically invented straight forward thinking.

It’s examples like these we need to take from German. Especially when the only example we’ve seemed to follow lately from Germany has be Nazism and white supremacy. It’s about time we go for direct approaches to solve our problems rather than using threats.

For example, instead of having their be “some form of punishment” for women who get abortions, how about we just let women who give birth to babies they cannot or do not want to raise to the men in congress who so badly wanted those babies to be born? Or how about instead of punishing and threatening women for having periods by putting a “luxury tax” on tampons, we instead make all men and boys have to sit through the same family life video girls sit through, and have them learn all the bloody ins and visceral outs of menstruation until they scream, “Enough! Enough! Just take your tampons! Take all of them! For the love of God please, just heal yourself!”

It’d be easier, to the point, and give America the solutions we’re all arguing for, just like the Germans do.

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