Ghostbusters Day 16

Villains the “Ghostbusters” Will Take Down (And A Few Who They Should)

Paul Feig’s female reboot of Ghostbusters is set to have a bevy of beasts that the rebooted ghost busting babes will be taking down. According to Entertainment Weekly’s first look issue there are set to be a long list of celluloid spirits to bust. From the first New Yorkers, our founding pilgrims, right down to some dapper dressed mobsters, the new team has their hands full.

Unfortunately since the internet lives forever, we won’t be able to see these women fighting who we really want to see kicked down a peg… Those truly evil tweeters who completely had their lives ruined over the casting of this film. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Kristen Wiig’s Erin Gilbert taking down this dude:


That would be an epic take down on the big screen! No proton pack at all? Just Gilbert completely trash talking the ghost of this hauntingly sexist tweet until it cried itself to oblivion? Nice.

Melissa McCarthy’s character Abby Yates could do more good than harm for this ghost.


He seems to actually be the victim of some strange mind game. He seems to believe that Charlie’s Angels and Ghostbusters are somehow connected in a sort of Harry Potter like conflict wherein one of them cannot live while the other survives. Strange enough that they went ahead and made Ocean’s Eleven even though Goodfellas exists. The two have very little in common other than all male leads. So… Get him Yates!

Kate McKinnon’s character Jillian Holtzmann could have a truly on-the-edge-of-your-seat battle with this internet ghost:


He would be called, “The Contradiction”. And Holtzmann would really, really, let him have it. And by “it” of course we mean she’d just f—k him up. Poetic justice.

Everyone is stoked to see the hilarious SNL breakout star Leslie Jones in her first major Hollywood role. It would be doubly exciting if viewers knew that in addition to the Revolutionary War spirits and old school mafia ghosts she’d be taking down, she’d be taking down this fella as well:


She would really teach him a lesson.

Ghostbusters will be in theaters July 15th and these tweets will live on the internet forever. Never dying enough for The Ghostbusters to truly bust them in the butt. But they will still continue to haunt us all the same. Which means our lady Ghostbusters  will have to teach them a lesson at the box office.


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