Gladys Knight's Popular Chicken and Waffles Restaurant Fails Health Inspection

Gladys Knight’s Popular Chicken and Waffles Restaurant Fails Health Inspection

ATLANTA — Gladys Knight’s Signature Chicken and Waffles on Peachtree Street failed its health inspection on Feb. 8 with a 56.

The well-known soul food restaurant attracts a lot of tourists.

Customers are sometimes willing to wait at least an hour to get into the busy Midtown restaurant.

Tomeka Thomas is regular customer who often drives from Alabama to Atlanta just to eat there.

She was stunned to learn the restaurant failed its latest health inspection.

“No, a 56? Eighty-five is bad to me, but a 56? Oh, wow,” she said.

The restaurant’s violations included a reach-in cooler missing a door, some food inside was out of temperature, observed heavy debris on the can opener, heavy debris on ceilings and vents and the required Serve Safe certificated had expired.

Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge went to the restaurant to ask about what is being done to address the violations in the failing inspection, but she was asked to leave.

The last inspection at Gladys Knights Signature Chicken and Waffles was in April of last year, and the score was a 94, which is an “A.”

The restaurant had the latest 56 score posted, which they are required to do.

Thomas decided to still eat at the restaurant based on past meals there.

“It’s been very good, very good,” she said.

The Fulton County Health Inspector will be back to re-inspect the restaurant.

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