“God Hates Figs!” Declares A New Clever Billboard In Jackson, Mississippi

A lot of times you have to wonder if billboard ads actually work. Most of us pass fifty a day. And a vast majority of us have to have asked ourselves, “Okay but does anyone really ‘Get Glenn’ after they’ve been in an automobile accident? And if so, has he done anything to help besides offering a disturbingly chilling empty smile?” Most of the time the answer is not really. Billboards tend to be for brand recognition, to put your message out there, to get people to pay attention to you. Or if you’re a cow in a Chick-Fil-A ad, get the attention off you and on to that sweet homophobic chicken.

But opposite of Chick-Fil-A’s anti-gay chicken, a new ad has placed the attention of Jesus loving Mississippi townsfolk on to the subject they’re often quick to hate on.


Jackson, Mississippi, home of the first electronic billboarded Jesus to finally take a stance on that filthy, unnecessary, and deplorable life choice style that is enjoying figs. A fig is hardly passable if it’s mixed with whatever the heck a newton is. Oh, also the add pretty accurately sums up why homophobic southerners who are so gay for Jesus all the time really need to take a step back and perhaps actually give that good book they love to misquote and cherry pick from a decent read for once.

A non profit purchased the ad space. The president of said organization “Planting Peace” Aaron Jackson said to the Huffington Post: “Like many other anti-LGBT groups, Governor Bryant and Mississippi legislators are citing ‘religious objections’ as a validation for discrimination and being extremely selective in their definition of ‘traditional’ institutions or values. It’s important to bring awareness to this fact, because these actions have never been simply about a political or religious debate.”

The billboard is a great discussion starter about a conversation that southern states still need to have. They’re a group of states so deeply embedded in ideals of the past and religious puritanicalism that they don’t even acknowledge the existence of the planet getting hotter because the fear of the unproven heat of hell is scarier to them than the very real heat that will certainly kill off future generations of evolved and decent human beings.

LGBTA rights are human rights that need to be addressed, discussed, understood, and protected. Religious rights are not being challenged by the acceptance of others, as stated in the billboard, Jesus does want his followers to love thy neighbor. What better way to follow Jesus than not being a douche to your neighbor who’s into other chicks? How about as a rule, you can’t argue your right to abuse decent human beings over whom they love if you’re not willing to acknowledge the existence of climate change. Why? Oh because “you don’t know how you’ll explain gay marriage to your religious kids?” How about instead of worrying about that, you worry about how the heck you’re going to explain to them what a polar bear is? Because while Mississippi evangelicals continue to harm innocent lives by being bigoted in the name of God, our entire ecosystem is going to erupt and even worse… people are still going to continue to eat figs. Ew!

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