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Problem Solver

beauty prayer in dark
beauty prayer in dark


Goddesses are not worriers. Worry is a waste of time confidence and energy. Part of grooming yourself to be a goddess is determining what you can change and what you cannot. If you cannot change what is going on, worrying will not have any positive effect. It will simply rob you of your energies. Determining the problem, deciding if anything can be done, and making the choices to accomplish what can be done is the path to becoming a goddess.

There are problems that cannot be solved and situations that cannot be changed or repaired. The secret is being able to determine the difference and spend time and energy where differences can be made.




She’s captivating, while maintaining a genuine charisma, but not filled with phony charm. She inspires everyone around her to see the goddess side of themselves reflected in is goddess abilities. Her words and actions allow others to grow to be beside her. She wants to maintain balance while not wanting to overpower anyone or have them living in his shadow. Thereafter, yearning any flamboyance that she exhibits an energetic inspiration for others, not a way of overpowering anyone.




A goddess deep inside is a perfectionist. She expects excellence from herself and all who are around her; however, being very careful, because perfection in every detail can smother out advancement. Understanding the difference between acceptable and perfect can often tangle her in an endless circle that is difficult to emerge from. She can be very unforgiving and unkind when others around her disappoint. Additionally, she can be brutal in her own self-image as well. She must constantly gauge her self-expectations and her expectations of others to maintain an acceptable balance and cultivate a positive existence.


Find Humor Wherever Possible


Everyone has a story and most of them are boring. A goddess finds a way to make their story strong and interesting by taking every opportunity to make their lives strong and interesting. Finding obstacles to overcome, finding physical and mental challenges to meet and defeat them heroically. Making every day have at least one special moment that builds the future. Finding a humorous way to look at the things that happen to ourselves and everyone around us is what makes the goddess.


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