GOP Confident Obama Won’t Veto Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

Many republicans who now hope to defund Planned Parenthood were persuaded to support the bill after an anti-abortion advocacy group last year claimed the organization was selling fetal tissue. Planned Parenthood has since denied any misconduct of the sort. They even had to defend themselves in a hearing, where they were displayed completely inaccurate charts that “came from [Planned Parenthood’s] data collections”. When it in reality came from a pro life advocacy group. Democrats strongly defended the organization, as it serves as a vital first step for women when it comes to their reproductive health.


President Obama promised to veto the bill when it comes across his desk. However in a press conference the GOP doubted his conviction and appeared confident that the president wouldn’t want to upset the pro-life advocates. The GOP doesn’t have the votes to override a veto if their confidence in the president’s compliance proves untrue.

But could they truly believe the president will not stand by his word? His last few months as president have been anything but compliant. Even in this past week he has been standing his ground on the ideals he has hoped to uphold during his presidency. His executive order on gun safety sparked controversy and he followed it up with a tear jerking speech. He faced criticism over his plans for protecting America from terrorism, however in his address to the nation he refused to say “ISIS” and advised Americans to go against the fear mongering tactics and islamophobia. Hell, the man even made a trip to Kenya and joked about “looking for his birth certificate”!

Whatever doubts the GOP has that Obama is going to veto this bill, obviously are results of having their noses so deeply buried in the business of other women that they haven’t realized that Obama is riding out his last year. And he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of the waves he makes.


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