Greyhound Bus Theft: Man Arrested in New York City for Allegedly Posing as Transit Worker, Stealing Bus

Greyhound Bus Theft: Man Arrested in New York City for Allegedly Posing as Transit Worker, Stealing Bus

Police in Brooklyn are questioning a man who allegedly stole a Greyhound bus out of the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and the driver is the notorious train and bus thief who’s been arrested 29 times in the past, law enforcement sources say.

Police in the NYPD’s 78th Precinct arrested Darius McCollum after receiving a be-on-the-lookout notice from authorities. The bus was first reported stolen from New Jersey but officials later said it was taken from the Port Authority depot on Manhattan’s West Side.

When questioned, McCollum allegedly told police his next move will be to steal a plane, the sources said.

He remains under questioning, the sources said. It’s not clear if he’s retained an attorney.

Greyhound officials said they were investigating.

McCollum has been arrested 29 times for posing as a transit worker to steal buses and trains in New York City and drive the routes.

McCollum has become a celebrity for escapades that began at age 15, when he piloted a subway train six stops without any passengers noticing. He grew up in Queens near a station serving two MTA lines, and learned the mechanics of the transit system from workers who took an interest in him.

McCollum had the subway map memorized by the time he was 8, and tried unsuccessfully to get a job with the transit system. Instead he became a transit impostor and has been arrested 29 times. But he is not a violent criminal, his lawyer has said in past cases — he just drives the routes, fixes tracks and takes tolls without an official job until he’s caught by police.

He worked out a plea deal in 2013 for a 2010 arrest in which he was caught driving a stolen Trailways bus on a highway leading to Kennedy Airport. McCollum had faced up to 15 years if convcted at trial, but under the deal, he was allowed to enter a program to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy.

He was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, his lawyer said at the time, and his repeated arrests stemmed in part from it.

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