Guides: New App for Traveling from Lonely Planet

Traveling is definitely something that can be fun and exciting. When you travel, you make memories. For some people, it is a huge accomplishment when they visit a new state or new country. I have often heard people talk about the fact that they have visited almost all 50 U.S. states or almost all seven continents. When traveling, people tend to use apps to navigate not only the world or wherever they are, physically, but they navigate their surroundings and such as well. For some, it is an experience in which there is a lot of self-reflection involved and where it is a journey of the mind and soul as well.


So, although traveling can be a handful as well, and yes I will mention it can be equally stressful as enjoyable, if not more. Well, you might be familiar with some apps and websites that assist you in your travels, like Tripadvisor, Trivago, Kayak, and more, but much to a traveler’s utmost pleasure, Lonely Planet and the folks there have now introduced something new. Is it even, perhaps, better, and if so, in what ways?


Lonely Planet’s new app that is being introduced and making its way into the App Store and Play Store. Of course, if you are an Apple user, you are more familiar with the iTunes App Store, and if you use Android, you are more familiarized with the Play Store. The app is sure to please, as it helps with food, sightseeing, nightlife; you name it. It also has features such as offline usage.


The app is free and is available now. It is called Guides, so why not give that a try?

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