Harry Reid Sent Mitch McConnell A Prank Letter… From Past Mitch McConnell

If you were a young Mitch McConnell about to address your future self what would be the first thing you would say, right after “Let’s try not to age like a hard boiled egg sitting in the sun.”? If you’re the as-of-late-bright-hilarious-whipper-snapper that is Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, you’d imagine a young Mitch McConnell passively pointing out what a complete hypocritical mess he is being over the prospect of Obama doing his job as current acting president to elect a new Supreme Court Justice. I mean, of course Harry Reid would, just look at his smug face. He knows he’s a prankster at heart: 

HarryReidA fake letter from Reid’s officer was sent to McConnell on Tuesday. The letter was from McConnell himself, writing from the past. In the letter Young McConnell employs actual quotes and reasons he has used himself on the senate floor to urge the exact opposite measures he is trying to advocate now, in order to stop President Obama from electing the next justice.

The quotes used are McConnell’s own words of conviction ranging from as late as 1970 ro as present as 2010. Proving what many have already suspected of McConnell, that he is acting not unlike that one annoying kid on the playground who kept making up new rules to hide-and-go-seek in the fly every time he was “it”. Here is an actual quote used in the letter, from McConnell in 1990 that he said on the senate floor:

“Any attempt to deny confirmation on the basis of a philosophy… is an assault on this tripartite structure of government. It is clear under our form of government that the advice and consent role of the Senate in judicial nominations should not be politicized.”

McConnell immediately promised that a justice will be not nominated until we have a new president as soon as Scalia passed. Which is an insane promise to make. Especially since he based it off of an unwritten Senate rule called the “Thurmond rule” which has already in its, eighty years of practically non-existence, has been broken seven times. This rule was even called by McConnell himself “non-existent” back when Democrats were trying to employ it in the 2008 election year.

So a huge round of applause for Harry Reid for pulling off a move fit for a late night comedy news program. If Harry Reid’s past self were to write him a letter from the past to his future self about this event it would probably be: “Go for it, you hilarious bastard.”

See footage of McConnell’s  historical hypocrisy on YouTube from HBO’s Last Week Tonight:



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