Hedi Slimane Leave Saint Laurent

Hedi Slimane, a capricious designer and photographer at Saint Laurent, has left the company. He is no longer, as according to Sarah Mower at Vogue, the company said, the creative image director. Slimane had spent four years at the company prior to the departure and has left a mark in the company.

According to Mower, Slimane did not let this phenomenon go unnoticed. In other words, he made his departure prominently and eminently present. Not only was it the departure, that even as some other sources say, had been speculated by media for quite some time, but Slimane made sure his departure was genuinely felt and resonant in the heart of fans and colleagues.

Putting unique twists onto fashion in multifaceted forms, Silmane brought a new order and ways of thinking about fashion. He revolutionarily and essentially challenged canons and ways to look at fashion and namely its most fundamental concepts and ways that it is approached.

The conversation now takes many courses, and definitely one that wonders how this position will be overtaken or replaced. More essentially, can it be replaced? One thing for certain is that these are quite some shoes to fill at Saint Laurent as Hedi Slimane, as aforementioned, certainly left an imprint at the company.

The notion and even the fact that Hedi Slimane definitely left a legacy at Saint Laurent is evident due to the fact that people are quoted as being significantly moved and grateful to him and his accomplishments. The both intangible and fiercely evergreen field of fashion always endures such phenomena and still proves resilient in the face of such ocurrences. 

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