Herman Cain Exposes Sick Truth Behind Epi-Pen Scandal

Herman Cain Exposes Sick Truth Behind Epi-Pen Scandal

Dubbed by many as the pharmaceutical scandal of the year, the Epi-Pen controversy has earned heavy criticisms after it was revealed to the public that the company has increased the price massively.

The issue has also received the attention of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Martin Shkreli, a report from Conservative Tribune said on Thursday.

However, Herman Cain’s site  has disclosed of what appears to be an alternaive truth. The website, in particular, criricized the former Secretary of State: “Hillary feigns outrage, but everything about this has Democrat fingerprints on it.”

It is of public knowledge that Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin’s daughter, Heather Bausch, was the CEO of EpiPen maker Mylan.

“(T)he truly uncomfortable truth for Democrats is that the EpiPen price spike is not so much the product of ‘greed’ as it is the product of one company having a monopoly. And that the direct result of the Democrat-controlled Food and Drug Administration’s persistent refusal to allow anyone to compete with Mylan in the sale of Epi-Pen,” CainTV Editor Dan Calabrese said.

Reports said that competition was stifled by government rules and regulations under the Democratic leadership. Through these, it slowly kills the free-market principle of “supply and demand.”

“The FDA pulls crap like this all the time,” Calabrese noted. “This is the exact same reason Turin was able to gain a monopoly and hike the price of Daraprim, and now we’re seeing it again with Mylan and Epi-Pen. Pharmaceutical companies know that they can charge prices like this because most patients are covered by insurance and the insurers will grumble and pay the bills.”

“And that, by the way, is another reason you can tie this to Democrats. They’re the ones who hate the idea of patients self-paying for medical care, and want to make everyone dependent on third-party payers heavily regulated by the government,” he added.

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