Highlights from Donald Trump's Mean-Spirited Arizona Speech
How can you be so insensitive Mr. Trump?

Highlights from Donald Trump’s Mean-Spirited Arizona Speech

Donald Trump has managed to leave a group of people angered again. The compassion that many Hispanics may have sought from him was not available from Mr. Trump in his Arizona Immigration Speech.

To add, he still wants to build a wall, in his words “an impenetrable”, “tall”, “beautiful” wall secured with sensors above and below. He also continued to blame the entire population of illegal immigrants for fatalities in the American people, once again painting them as ruthless and prone to committing crimes.

Trump said, in his speech, “most illegal immigrants are lower-skilled workers with less education, who compete directly against vulnerable American workers.”  He also said that there will be no amnesty for illegal immigrants.

He additionally, and quite superfluously, mentioned that there is a need for some screening test to certify that those coming to the country share values and ideologies. He also tried to say this will test if they “love our people.” Sorry, Mr. Trump, this is unfair and harsh and does not work. He then added that not everyone “who seeks to join our country” can assimilate.

Trump constantly referred to immigrants “loving us.” This is infinitely, undeniably problematic! They are us. The immigrants all deserve and should be able to have chances and opportunities in this country. Mr. Trump completely denies and undermines that. He also mentioned “the well being” of the American people, who he does not let everyone include themselves to be.

Angela Salas, chairperson of the Coalition of Humane Immigrant Rights for America Action Fund, suggested that Donald Trump has “the makings of a tyrant who is racist.” This country should be open to all people, and it is unfair and frivolous to undercut a group of people, denying them entry to the country. Once again, I am clueless as to how Donald Trump gets applauded by his supporters by the overgeneralized, patronizing words he uses in his speeches and other rhetoric.

Oh, the irony…

Trump strongly suggests he can work with Mexico to build a wall, after he called Mexicans “rapists” and generalizes Hispanics.

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