Hilary Clinton Less Than 30 Delegates Away from Nomination

Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton won the Democratic primary in Puerto Rico on Sunday. The victory puts her just 30 delegates away from the 2,383 delegates needed to become the Democratic presidential nominee. She won approximately 64 percent of the vote while her rival for the nomination, Bernie Sanders, won 34 percent.

“We just won Puerto Rico! ¡Gracias a la Isla del Encanto por esta victoria!” the Clinton campaign tweeted after their victory was announced.

Puerto Rico’s current debt crisis and how it will be handled by the next administration was a significant issue for Puerto Rican voters and a point of contention between Sanders and Clinton. Legislation is currently being reviewed by Congress that would modify current US bankruptcy laws to allow Puerto Rico to restructure its debts. Sanders is an adamant opponent of the legislation, calling it a “poison pill” and a takeover by “vulture capitalists” with “colonial” implications.

Clinton, on the other hand, has expressed that the legislation, while not ideal, is the best option. She has stated she has “serious concerns” about it but still supports its passage, saying that “too many Puerto Ricans will continue to suffer” if it does not pass.

“I will work to ensure that concerns about the oversight board are addressed,” she said in a statement. “And any such entity includes members that will act in the best interest of Puerto Ricans.”

Six more Democratic primaries will take place on Tuesday, including the California and New Jersey primaries. At this stage, Bernie Sanders would have to win landslide victories in the remaining states in order to prevent Clinton from securing the nomination.




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