Hillary Clinton Continues Push for Gun Control After San Bernardino Shootings

Hillary Clinton Continues Push for Gun Control After San Bernardino Shootings

HOOKSETT, NH – Hillary Clinton urged caution before making judgments about the mass shooting in California, and continued her call for Congress to pass “common sense” gun measures during a campaign stop here on Thursday.

“No parent should have to worry about going to a holiday party after work or about sending their kids to school or going to a movie theater or even going to church,” Clinton said. “No one should have that basic sense of safety and security ripped away from them.”

Authorities believe a Muslim married couple carried out the mass shooting that killed 14 people at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday. A motive for the attack is not yet known, and President Barack Obama said earlier Thursday that it is possible the strike was “terrorist related.”

“We don’t know yet everything about this specific attack,” Clinton said. But regardless of the couple’s reasons for the murders, something needs to be done to prevent gun violence, she added.

“The vast majority of Muslim-Americans are just as concerned and heartbroken about this as anyone else and, no matter what motivation these killers, these murderers had, you can say one thing for certain: They should not have been able to do this,” Clinton said, transitioning into impassioned comments on gun control.

Clinton also slammed Republicans for supporting a law that allows potential terrorists on the no-fly list to purchase guns.

“If you are too dangerous to fly in America, you are too dangerous to buy a gun in America,” she said.

The former secretary of state has made gun control a staple of her stump speech in recent months, most notably since the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina in June. Since then, she’s mentioned “common sense” gun measures at almost every campaign event.

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