H&M X Mark Zuckerberg, April Fool’s Prank from This Year

Did you get pranked on April the First, also known as April Fool’s Day, this year? Maybe you did but you might not want to admit it. Anyway, if you love shopping at H&M like I do, and were under the impression that the collaboration with Mark Zuckerberg was real, the yes, you were pranked and you probably already know it.


How did this happen? Well, as I read, someone made a website for the fake collaboration called “www.markforhm.com.” The hoax was actually supposed to be, if it were real, the collection would be seven basic t-shirts and they would be accompanied by a pair of simple, basic jeans. Anyway, as people were venturing onto the mentioned website, they were eventually notified that the website is not real, well in the sense that it was indeed a hoax of some sort.


H&M even commented on this, saying, they themselves did not have anything to do with this April Fool’s Joke. An H&M spokesperson actually even said this and said, “We also note that today is April 1st.” Well this could have been inevitable to some people, noting that yes, indeed it was April 1st.

The inspiration for this joke, according to Marina Liao’s article on Popsugar Celebrity, was that Mark Zuckerberg’s trademark look is precisely this: a simple, laid-back look of a plain, basic t-shirt and pain, basic jeans.

Anyway, whether you were really psyched and looking forward to having such a collection to shop or not, this took place on April 1st, and thus, in this, case was a joke.


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