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Is Homeland’s New Season Going to Hit Too Close to Home?

Showtime’s Homeland producer Lesli Linka Glatter along with her crew, including showrunner and creator Alex Gansa,have just wrapped eight months of filming Homeland. The show is said to be full of intriguing episodes. Particularly the premiere in which CIA agent Peter Quinn calls out the U.S. on its disdain to properly end ISIS.

Glatter has spoken on this case wherein her show’s fiction crosses into our world’s current reality, “We got feedback pretty immediately about that particular speech because it summarized our lack of policy or policies in Syria in a way that crystallized it for people,” This one powerful scene is merely one of many relating to Syria, Russia, and Western Europe playing as a backdrop to the stages of modern terrorism.

When the news first broke that the show was shifting from the  Middle East to Europe, assumptions were made that the show was no longer going to center itself around Islamic terrorism. Yet to everyone’s surprise, those assumptions were flipped on their heads when the terror attacks in Paris occurred last month. It seems as though Homeland hadn’t flipped the script, their script was merely just ahead of the game.

Pre production to Homeland‘s fifth season, included meetings with CIA officials where they were educated on the depths and realities of cyberterrorism, narcoterrorism and of course ISIS. Glatter says these types of meetings have been essential since the show’s initial take off. Showrunner and creator Alex Gansa, is one in the meetings who asks less about the strategy of the CIA but of the personal lives, fears, and hopes that the agents live with. This is where the power of the show really is visible, and the answers to Gansa’s questions are revealed in powerful scenes. “I end up feeling like I have a bigger understanding of the world as a result of these meetings.”

The show continues to focus on an ISIS terrorist plot in a Berlin. The script details the plot as “major” as ISIS smuggles deadly weapons from Syria to Europe. All the while the Homeland characters are battling over President Obama’s ISIS plans.

Glatter wrapped up her work with Homeland after she shot in Rudersdorf, just outside of Berlin. It’s a war ravaged backdrop that has been seen in films like Monuments Men and Inglourious Basterds. It’s now being filmed as a Syrian Refugee camp. So is it fact or fiction that Showtime will be airing with this upcoming season? Is Homeland hitting too close to home?


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