Houston William P. Hobby Airport Opens New International Terminal

Houston William P. Hobby Airport Opens New International Terminal

Southwest Airlines covered the $156 million cost of constructing the building. The terminal is more than 280,000 square feet with five gates. By year’s end, Southwest Airlines plan to offer flights to 10 Latin American destinations with service to Mexico, Costa Rica, and Belize.

Eyewitness News caught up with Southwest Airlines spokesperson Thais Hanson to talk about what this may mean for your next flight. The company said they promised to “Free Hobby” and drive down prices in the market. Today, Southwest Airlines said their dream of giving Houstonians another option in aviation has come true.

“Your question was our we trying to bring down the price in the market. That’s what we do. The Southwest effect is what we’re known as. We do that domestically and now we’re looking forward to doing that internationally as well,” said Hanson. “Houstonians no longer have to drive north to fly to fly south. We’re creating a new need and giving Houstonians what they want and what they needed for a long time.”

Eyewitness News reached out to United Airlines for comment. The company has a hub at the “Big Airport.” They provided ABC-13 with the following: “We’ve competed successfully in the Houston market for many years and we believe travelers will continue to value our broad network and frequent flights that no other airline can match from Houston.”

In addition to the new terminal, a new parking garage and a new customs area are part of the project. Airport officials said there are no plans to change the name William P. Hobby Airport given the new international service.

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