How to Be Single, New Rebel Wilson-Starrer, Valentine's Day

How to Be Single, New Rebel Wilson-Starrer, Valentine’s Day

How to Be Single is a movie I am really excited for. I randomly saw it on the IMDb app, and now I want to watch it.

The movie is a romantic comedy starring Leslie Mann, who has also starred in 2014’s The Other Woman and 2015’s Vacation. It starts comedienne Rebel Wilson as well, who is known for her role in Bridesmaids and also for her role as Fat Amy in both installments of Pitch Perfect, Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2.

It also stars Dakota Johnson, who is now known for her leading role in Fifty Shades of Grey.

The movie is going to be a comedy, as I mentioned, and features Leslie Mann as a strong, comedic female character. Rebel Wilson plays a character named Robin, who seeks to show her newly single friend, Alice, played by Dakota Johnson, how to live the single life. It is indeed hard to live single in a society where the is an everlasting and uncertain definition, or should I say definitions of love. When love cannot be defined, and is existing all around you in so many forms, one may struggle to be comfortable with being “single.”

In a society where being single renders you an entity and an outsider, it is important to feel comfortable and seek identity that is fulfilled, when you are in fact, single. For some, being single is a choice that feel empowering, and for others it is that feeling that they want to escape, by once again being “not-single.”

I feel so privileged to write such an article and comments on such a movie at the time where Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and since I was having a very relevant discussion to this very discussion with a friend earlier. She described it as a condition that renders you an “anomaly” in society. I agree.

Hopefully this film combats those notions so being single does not have to feel so outlandish after all! Maybe we do not always need to have a significant other to grow. Being single, even though it is temporary, is has got to have its benefits!


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