Hubbard Lake: Michigan Angler Breaks 109-Year-Old Record for Smallmouth Bass

Hubbard Lake: Michigan Angler Breaks 109-Year-Old Record for Smallmouth Bass

A Michigan fisherman broke a 109-year-old record for smallmouth bass in what was the state’s sixth record catch of the year.

Greg Gasiciel of Rhodes, Michigan, was bait-casting a green grub at Hubbard Lake in Alcona County when he hooked and landed a 9.33-pound smallmouth bass on Sunday, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced Tuesday.

Kathrin Schrouder, a DNR fisheries biologist in Bay City, verified the catch, which barely broke the previous state record of 9.25 pounds caught by W.F. Shoemaker in 1906 from Long Lake in Cheboygan County. That fish was 27.25 inches. In an odd discrepancy, Gasiciel’s fish measured 24.50 inches, but was obviously fatter.

No matter, state records are based on weight, not length.

“This is additional evidence that Michigan truly has world-class bass fisheries,” said Jim Dexter, DNR Fisheries chief.

“Smallmouth bass is one of the most popular, most sought-after sportfish in North America. Even though the Michigan state record stood for more than 100 years, we’re excited to see the bar set even higher for those who set out to land this iconic fish.”

Other state-record catches this year included a 44.54-pound black buffalo caught while bowfishing in the Grand River; a 28.61-pound freshwater drum caught in Muskegon Lake (method unknown); an 8.52 quillback caught while bowfishing in Hardy Dam Pond; and a 2-pound white perch caught baitcasting in Bear Lake.

It was unclear whether the smallmouth bass that Gasiciel caught was later released, as is a common practice among bass fishermen.

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