Husband Surprises Wife With Pregnancy Announcement!

Husband Surprises Wife With Pregnancy Announcement!

We’re used to seeing adorable videos of wives surprising their husbands with pregnancy news, but what if the tables were turned? Sounds impossible, right? Well, one man managed to find out his wife was due with their third child before she did! Sure, it took a clever decoy (“she thinks I’m in here going poop”), an unflushed toilet, and a medicine dropper, but it worked.

Watch as Sam administers a covert pregnancy test and then breaks the good news to his family — which includes two young kids who are just as shocked as their mom is that she’s expecting. We’re not going to lie . . . it’s fun to be a fly on the wall as Nia finds out and as the couple talks about their new addition — and how she’s a little bummed she didn’t get to surprise him!

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