Iceland’s Prime Minister Resigns After Panama Papers Leaks

On Tuesday Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson Resigned.

Gunnlaugsson’s resignation comes after the Panama Papers leaks revealed his links to an offshore company . Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, the deputy chair of Gunnlaugsson’s Progressive Party, will take over as Prime Minister. Protester gathered on the streets of Reykjavik to protest Johannsson’s new role as Prime Minister.

“We demand new elections after the Panama Papers scandal. There is no other acceptable option. New elections should be held now.”  protester Dominika Skwarska told CNN’s iReport

“Of course we’re happy the prime minister has stepped down. But we are not satisfied with who is taking over from him, and with the fact that the government itself is still there.” Said Steingrimur Oli

“It’s good news he’s resigned, yes. But we need far more drastic change. We’re left with the same gang in charge. And the guy who’s replacing the prime minister, a couple of days ago he was saying he saw nothing wrong in what he’d done.” Said ELara Gardarsdottir

The leaked Panama Papers reveal Gunnlaugsson and his wife bought a British Virgin Islands-based offshore company, Wintris Inc, in December 2007.  Gunnlaugsson has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and he insists that he and his wife have paid all appropriate taxes. Gunnlaugsson  tried to remain Prime Minister by asking to dissolve parliament and call new elections

. Gunnlaugsson is one of many  leaders to be named in the Panama Papers leaks. Others include leaders from Russia, Ukraine, China, Argentina.

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