Illegal Alien Sexually Assaults Two Girls At Michigan Water Park

Illegal Alien Sexually Assaults Two Girls At Michigan Water Park

An Indiana resident called an “illegal immigrant” on court documents has been charged with sexually groping two 17-year-old girls on the Fourth of July in a Michigan’s Adventure wave pool.

Eliazar Rivas-Rodriguez, 29, of Middlebury, Indiana, was arraigned Tuesday, July 7, on two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct involving force or coercion. The arraignment was conducted through a Spanish-speaking interpreter, according to court records.

Here’s what this illegal POS did:

According to an affidavit for warrantless arrest in Rivas-Rodriguez’s court file, he’s accused of sexually groping the girls – who didn’t know him – on July 4 while they were in a wave pool at Michigan’s Adventure amusement park at 4750 Whitehall Road in Fruitland Township.

One of the teens reported the stranger grabbed her in the crotch area once. The other said he did it three times in succession, then grabbed her by the ankle under the water when she tried to flee.

The girl was able to get away and reported the incident to the teens’ guardians, according to the affidavit. It was then reported to a lifeguard, then to park security guards. They kept the suspect in sight until a Michigan State Police trooper arrived to investigate.

The court records show that Rivas-Rodriguez is an illegal alien that has been living in the Goshen, Indiana area for ten years. Through an interpreter he has denied the allegations against him. He’s been living in the US for at least ten years and he can’t speak English?

I think they are going to find that this guy has committed other sexual assaults. Anyone that would grab teenage girls’ crotches in a public area full of people is very bold sexual predator who likely has a history of sex crimes.

When Donald Trump said of illegal aliens, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists” liberals lost their collective minds calling him a racist. Why just yesterday Politico published a piece titled: Donald Trump’s Wrong. Mexicans Aren’t Going to Rape You.

It turns out Politico are the ones that are wrong. An illegal alien just sexually assaulted two girls in Michigan. Maybe Rivas-Rodriguez didn’t get the liberal memo that illegal aliens don’t sexually assault American girls.

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