Immigrants March in Dallas, the People Will Continue to 'Resist'
Protesters gather in Dallas, TX for the Immigrants March

Immigrants March in Dallas, the People Will Continue to ‘Resist’

On Saturday morning, February 18th, the people of Dallas, TX marched the streets of downtown for an immigrants march. The inspirational march was organized and hosted by InSolidarity.

Though a chilly morning, the glaring sun burned brightly as people of all colors united in defiance of President Donald J. Trump. The protest was similar to the Women’s March and the airport protests as people were rejecting Trump’s policies as president.

Protesters marching in Dallas, TX

Megan Karimi, who came from Iran thirty years ago, joined the crowded streets of 1,700 protesters, as reported by Dallas News.

“I came from a revolution and left to get away from that, and now I have to do that again here? It’s heartbreaking to see the country I love going through this,” she said.

Among several key speakers at the event, Sheikh Omar Suleiman made remarks on protesting.

“If we have to this every day and every single weekend until we reclaim our country until we make America won, then we’re going to continue to do it.”

“We will continue to live without fear. We will not allow cities to be bullied by people who don’t understand the constitution,” Imam Suleiman continued.

The march began at Dallas city hall and went down towards the JFK Memorial Plaza, where the speeches from religious and civic leaders were held.

At the plaza, speakers included representatives from Faith Forward Dallas, the ACLU of Texas, and the United Nations Association of Dallas.

Across the street from the JFK Plaza, counterprotesters were present, with guns.

Brooke Wang, of Plano, Texas open carries a rifle while joining a very small group of counterprotesters, as hundreds rallied nearby in support of immigrant and refugee communities in downtown Dallas on February 18, 2017. (Nathan Hunsinger/The Dallas Morning News)

Brooke Wang, one of the counterprotesters, said she came to show support for Trump.

“We are just for legal immigration,” said Wang who is married to a legal permanent resident from China. “We want people to come here legally.”

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