How to Improve Quality Of Television Shows

Why Should We Improve Television Show Quality?

Television shows are becoming terrible and unreliable with reality TV shows and news reports that are fake and not telling the truth. Some programs are filled with junk and terrible TV shows.



How Can We Improve Television?

We can improve TV shows and news reports by making them familiar and real. Reality TV may have real in the name, but there is nothing real about it. They use fake people with fake bodies and fake set ups. Like Jersey Shore, Keeping up With the Kardashians, those shows are reality TV, but there is nothing real about it. We can improve television by these way:

  • Using real facts
  • Use real life situation
  • Include the viewers
  • Make real news reports
  • Have real life people
  • Make it not fake

How Does Television Affect Children?

Television effects children these days by giving them wrong information making them think it is correct. Most television these days are corrupting our children mind by showing guns and violence making them think that is fun and normal when in reality it is not. Children and teens are affected greatly because they are not fully developed and don’t know right from wrong on television these days, making them react the same as people on television.

Changing Our View on Television

Changing our view on television shows these days makes us overcome the negative parts of  shows that make our minds corrupt. This affects us in a great way by making us smarter and easier to communicate with others and not follow people on reality television. We can change our view by not believing everything we see on television and not focusing on reality shows, but on our own lives and what’s going on around us.

To conclude this article, reality television and news are corrupting our minds and we have many ways we can make this not happen by not listening to what the television says and not believing everything we see and hear. Thank you for your time and listening to the real news.


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