Inmate found hanging inside downtown Houston Jail

Inmate found hanging inside downtown Houston Jail

An inmate was found dead inside his jail cell in downtown Houston Thursday afternoon, according to the Houston Police Department.

It happened at the city jail at 61 Reisner.

The 38-year-old Asian male was booked early Friday morning for possession of a controlled substance.

He passed a routine mental health evaluation by the city health department, according to HPD.

Other inmates say the man became agitated after making a phone call right before he went to lunch. He then ate and returned to his cell.

“He was let back into his cell, the cell door was locked behind him,” said HPD spokesperson Kese Smith. “Sometime after that, when his suite mate finished lunch, he went back to the cell and found the deceased individual dead. At this time it appears he used his clothing to hang himself.”

Jailers tried to perform CPR but it was too late. EMTs were called to the scene and they pronounced the man dead.

His name has not been released.

HPD said they check on inmates three times an hour. The state requires checks of once an hour.

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