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Introduction to the Alpha Male



Configure the Alpha Male


So many visions are captured by the terminology of the Alpha Male. It is the talk of bloodlines and kings and the difference between paupers and presidents. In the animal kingdom, the alpha is the fighter who is able to win and hold his place for the rights to breed the best females. The idea of alpha males in the human world is much harder to define and must be tempered with pleasantries not afforded in the animal world.

Being the fastest, the strongest, and the most ferocious is some of the traits of the alpha male animal. They simply rely upon what is a natural instinct. They know within their DNA that being the best breeding with the best will ensure that their species will continue and thrive. Deep in their bones they know they cannot fail for all of the generations depend upon it. Though many people believe it to be cruel the Alpha Male hierarchy is necessary to weed out weak and sickly offspring. By allowing the best to continue and allowing the weakest to die out, the species as a whole can be stronger.Dreaming-girl-daydreaming-19683613-680-510

For humans, it cannot be so simply stated. For obvious reasons there is much more at stake than the simple idea of breeding; though the accepted wisdom of royal bloodlines has fueled the pages of historical romance in stories told prior to the written word. Noble appearances, tall stature, good lines, a balanced ratio in features, pale skin, good education, and large amounts of financial and personal gain are often associated with the term alpha male.


So how does a man who is less perfect aspects raise his chance of being considered an alpha male? We shall explore the idea of what each male can do to increase his chances of being considered as among alpha males. But first we must attempt to sort out the features and characteristics that are often associated with the term alpha male.


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