Israel Refugee Shooting: VIDEO Eritrean Man Dies After Police Mistake Him for Terrorist

Israel Refugee Shooting: VIDEO Eritrean Man Dies After Police Mistake Him for Terrorist

The man died Monday after police shot him during an attack on a bus station in Beersheva. Another man, a Bedouin, is said to have opened fire, killing a soldier and injuring others.

An Eritrean migrant has died after being shot Sunday by Israeli police after another man killed an Israeli soldier and wounded 10 other people in a stabbing attack.

Police said an officer shot the Eritrean after mistaking him as a second attacker.  Media reports say the man was also beaten by an Israeli mob at the scene.

Israeli security officials identified the man who carried out the stabbings at a 21-year-old Arab Israeli who did not have a past record of militant activity.

The attack at the main bus station in Beersheba was the single bloodiest incident in more than two weeks of violence against Israelis that has left eight Israelis and 41 Palestinians dead.

Other incidents were also reported Sunday in the city of Hebron on the West Bank and along the Israeli border with Gaza.

Police started building a wall between one Jewish neighborhood (Armon Hanatziv) and a Palestinian village (Jabel Mukaber) in east Jerusalem to try to prevent more trouble.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has said attacks on innocent civilians just going about their own business are “outrageous and unjustified.” But he has avoided directly blaming one side or the other for the recent eruption of violence.

Kerry plans to meet separately this week with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

The wave of Palestinian attacks on Israelis began when rumors swept through the Palestinian areas that Israel was planning to take over an east Jerusalem holy site sacred to Muslims and Jews.

Muslims call it the al-Aqsa mosque and Jews refer to it as the Temple Mount.

Strong Israeli denials of any plans to change the long-standing rules of who can and cannot worship at the holy site have done nothing to calm the Palestinian fury.

Israel is blaming Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and a group called the Islamic Movement of spreading lies about Israel and inciting youths to riot.

But Palestinians are already fed up with a dim outlook for peace, a lack of economic opportunity, and Jewish settlement activity in lands they want for a future state.

Israel says the settlements are necessary for its security and that there can be no peace until the Palestinians recognize Israel’s right to exist.

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