Ivanka Trump Played Role in Donald Trump Campaign Manager's Firing

Ivanka Trump Played Role in Donald Trump Campaign Manager’s Firing

Donald Trump‘s daughter may have played a major role in the ouster of his campaign manager, according to several reports.

CNN reported hours after Corey Lewandowski’s dismissal as Trump’s campaign manager that Ivanka Trump had come to her father to argue for his firing.

Ivanka Trump was angry, CNN said, that Lewandowski had sought to plant negative stories about her husband, Jared Kushner, who is working on Donald Trump’s transition team.

She told her father he had to choose between letting Lewandowski go or moving forward with the campaign without her, CNN said.

Lewandowski had been a lightning rod of controversy both from inside and outside the campaign. Most notably, he was charged with battery after he grabbed the arm of a former Breitbart News reporter as she was trying to ask Trump a question after a press conference in Florida.

Those charges were eventually dropped, but NBC reports that the incident prompted Ivanka to press her father to make a change, though it took until Monday to convince him.

Lewandowski didn’t just spar with members of the Trump family; he also warred with campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who had been trying to push Trump toward running a more conventional campaign. News of internal disagreement between the two sides of the Trump camp has trickled out for months, but Trump has said he’d stand by Lewandowski until Monday.

The decision by Trump to drop his campaign manager just weeks before the Republican National Convention shocked the political world and comes amid serious concerns from Republicans about Trump’s poll numbers and fundraising success.

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