Jaden Smith Stands Out as Louis Vuitton’s Womanswear Model

The son of Will Smith is most certainly the prince of our world who is keeping it the freshest. Jaden Smith is eccentric, woke, proud, unconventionally non gender exclusive, and still just a teenager. Precocious, yes, as he may at times appear to be you cannot deny the impact he has. His latest venture as one of the fabulous faces of Louis Vuitton’s womanswear campaign is catching eyes all around the world. He and his fellow models (all female) were photographs by the legendary Bruce Weber. The photos landed on the Instagram page of Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicholas Ghesquière.


Jaden Smith is seen in an eye catching skirt (not the first one he has worn) and a flowing fringed top. He and his fellow models all sport articles that graced Paris Fashion week’s runway. How exciting for the young boys or trans girls who see these articles of fashion, long to wear them, but can only see them on models they can’t truly see themselves in, to see Jaden looking so fly and so comfortable. To be a boy featured in a womanswear line opens the door to more instances in fashion where pieces are not simply “androgynous” and therefore beautiful and groundbreaking. This is an instance where strictly feminine clothing is being marketed to all genders. Incredible, because it is a rare moment in high fashion where a woman doesn’t have to “be more like a man” to be powerful or seen as art. Here, beginning with Jaden, a man can be more like a woman and feel just as powerful and beautiful as art, just as anyone else. 

Featuring a young black man as the face of your womenswear campaign is a daring a bold choice. A choice like this could sway how many people view young black men in fashion and in the world as a whole. As many lives were taken from young black men in 2015 (and every other year since slavery) it became clear that black men are often seen as only being violent, brute, dangerous, and “a thug”. But by showcasing Jaden who has for so long been unafraid of expressing himself with what he wears (whether it be a skirt and flower crown or a superhero costume) Louis Vuitton makes a bold statement. It doesn’t matter who you are on the outside, or how people think of you, you are allowed to express yourself in any way that makes you feel comfortable and like your authentic and best self.

Leave it to Jaden Smith to be the one to yet again get us thinking about these things.


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