Jay Z Is Calling Tidal Clients To Actually Express gratitude toward Them

Jay Z ‘s patching up of the Tidal streaming administration put it up against some huge contenders, primarily Spotify. They have been debuting selective substance to reel in new clients and endorsers however Hova has chosen to go the additional mile. He has chosen to actually call clients and express gratitude toward them for utilizing the gushing administration.

“He called some of his fans and one of them made the most interesting remark. He said ‘This is the best client administration call I’ve ever received!’,” Tidal official Vania Schlogel told Business Insider. She went ahead to say that Jigga is “profoundly included” and that “he meets expectations consistently” on Tidal.

The musical artists who have accounts on the site can get to the contact data of clients who utilize the administration and contact them actually. Musical performers other than Jigga, similar to Jack White, have likewise reached fans to demonstrate their appreciation.

Tidal as of now administrations 35 nations with more than 500,000 supporters and has discharged select music and features from Rihanna, J. Cole and Jay himself. Nicki Minaj has likewise teased that she will be debuting something soon too.

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