Jay Z Releases “Glory” Music Video Via TIDAL

After the conception of his girl, Blue Ivy, Jay made this genuine track to impart his feelings on turning into a father.

Jay Z’s music streaming service TIDAL has been rolling out exclusive content ever since the Hip Hop mogul made the official announcement regarding the site alongside Kanye West, Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna, J. Cole and other members of the music industry’s elite.

Madonna has debuted “Ghost Town,” a track off her Revolt Heart collection, Rihanna has appeared the visual for “American Oxygen” on the site, Beyonce dropped a tribute to her spouse “Die With You” on TIDAL a week ago, Kanye West is reputed to be dropping his collection, So Help Me God, solely by means of the spilling administration, and now, Jay Z is utilizing TIDAL to head his new feature, “Glory.”

After the conception of his little girl, Blue Ivy, Jay created this sincere track to impart his feelings on turning into another father. The feature sorts out uncommon footage of Jay practicing for his Carnegie Lobby advantage show in 2012. Alicia Keys, Nas, Pharrell, Youthful Master, Questlove and a symphony directed by Jeri Lynne Johnson make cameos in the music feature.

If you’re a subscriber, you can view Jay Z’s “Glory” video and many others on TIDAL below:

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