French Candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon Uses Hologram to Promote Campaign

French Candidate Uses Hologram to Promote Campaign

Jean-Luc Melenchon, a French candidate, goes high-tech for a presidential campaign in France by using a hologram to appear in more than one location. Although Melenchon is not the first politician to acquire this advanced technology, similar to the hologram used for Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi, as noticed by Quartz Media.

Along with speaking to a crowd in the city of Lyon, Melenchon also appeared holographically to 6,000 supporters in Paris, according to He has attracted support from media, ironically by his intense and passionate speeches against the media, as underlined by New Statesman. Opposing his far-left candidacy, a far-right leader Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron also appeared at the weekend launch pad in Paris.

According to New Statesman, Melenchon has a large social media following which exceeds Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, including holding a status as a YouTube star.

As the Guardian states, Melenchon was a former Socialist minister who finished fourth place in the 2012 election confirming his reputation as a leftist. The core of his campaign focuses on”wealth sharing”, triggering relatability to workers who understand that measures need to be financially distributed evenly.

“I believe that the squandering of the wealth, the impoverishment of the middle classes and the miseries of the people is nothing fatal. Our country has never been so rich. It is, therefore time to provide a different way in which to share the wealth produced by the labor of all of us.”

French Candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon Uses Hologram to Promote Campaign

Melenchon holds extremely traditionally French views but represents them in a fresh way, hence an attraction for supporters. His popular YouTube following magnetizes a younger generation who are web savvy. Even at the age of 65, his support is cultivating, which only aids his avid political experience. Melenchon intimidatingly supports power back to the people, and away from a corrupt presidential monarchy.

“This election can be a chance for the people. It is the opportunity to turn the page peacefully and democratically on an unfair and cruel system our country and continent are sinking into.”

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