Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates 41st Birthday on October 28th

Joaquin Phoenix Celebrates 41st Birthday on October 28th

Joaquin Phoenix, who was born in 1974, made his film debut in 1986 in “SpaceCamp.” He record an album for the film “Walk The Line,” which received the best soundtrack Grammy Award in 2007.

Joaquin Phoenix takes time surrounded by a halo of mystery and eccentricity that have become one of those actors little friends of the spotlight, with some degree of inaccessibility, disheveled, which is wary of fame and red carpets and no afraid of complicated roles. In ‘Irrational Man’ to the orders of Woody Allen , it becomes a philosophy professor at the University with problems with alcohol and sex and one of those neurotic personality much like the New York director.

The Abe is another one of those characters with recesses, outside the norm and complicated to build than’ve always liked to Phoenix and have contributed to the eccentric actor halo around him. Who if it would not happen announcing with fanfare that left acting to become a rapper and all that proves is a converted documentary for the greater glory of the actor’s own experiment. That’s what was ‘I’m Still Here’, a unique experiment in the line of an actor who has built himself as a Hollywood character.

Supporter of PETA, a vegan is convinced to the point of demanding that the clothes that are used in the filming of synthetic materials. None of animal skins in contact with it. He has beennominated for an Oscar three times (‘Gladiator’, ‘Walk the Line’ and ‘The Master’) and after their voluntary disappearance to film ‘I’m Still Here’ returned to action that had never really left with but charged batteries to give the viewer works such as ‘The Master’ and ‘Her’.

The younger brother River Phoenix always knew two things . The first, which did not want to be eternally the ‘brother’ . The second, which did not want to be typecast as an actor romanticfor roles such as ‘The Secret of Abbot’. Hence, after love as Doug Holt decided to make a radical career change and leave out the dark side. Who does not remember the tattooed Max California ‘Murder in 8 mm’ only two years later.

He likes complicated roles and, all told, is given very well. A combination of will and power that makes no will on the orders of directors like Woody Allen, Paul Thomas Anderson missing work (with which it has rolled twice), Spike Jonze, M. Night Shyamalan (with whom will return to work for the third time after ‘The Forest’ and ‘Signs’), Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone and Gus Van Sant. The list is impressive. With Shyamalan and Anderson has been repeated, but if there is a director who has him as the favorite actor is James Gray. Four of his six films, one still in its infancy, they have had plans of Phoenix. His are ‘The Yards’, ‘the Night’, ‘Two Lovers’ and ‘The dream of Ellis’.

With some fame enfant terrible and eccentric, he has given proof of this in more than a press conference. Venice still remember that presentation of ‘The Master’ in which a cigarette is smoked, he spent headphones and went in and out of it as if the thing does not go with him. Until that scar that crosses the upper lip and which are written all kinds of urban legends contributes to the aura of mystery and eccentricity.

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