Justice Department To Sue Ferguson After Reform Rejection

In what started off as a movement toward justice reform in the ground zero of the Black Lives Matter movement that is Ferguson, Missouri, has now become the first step in a massive lawsuit against the city. Ferguson rejected a deal that had been vastly negotiated and would have initiated a strong change in its police department.  After it was brought to public knowledge that multiple cases of constitutional abuse had taken place within the city, the deal was drafted to outline areas where these discrepancies would be avoided and condemned if conducted. Some of the other more disturbing details of what was released from the Ferguson police department were emails which read that  Barack Obama was a “chimpanzee” and African-Americans have “no frigging clue who their Daddies are.”

In Ferguson a shocking majority of its police force is white and has been misguided in handling situations with black lives that their training deems don’t matter. They seem to see the black community as “less as constituents to be protected than as potential offenders and sources of revenue.”

The deal would have dealt with mandatory de-escalation training for all of it’s officers. As well as having mandated that they enforce a type of sensitivity training for officers, and programs where they would engage with black community.

And Ferguson said no to all of that. I know everyone wants to make this about race. And that is fantastic because it is certainly about race and people need to be aware of that. A majority of Ferguson’s population is black and they’re being violently patrolled by people who have no idea what they struggle with. This has to be a conversation about race, to hopefully be had in court where the people of Ferguson may actually have a shot at justice for once.

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