Justin Bieber Ditches the Dreadlocks, Sports a Buzzcut

Justin Bieber has always been the topic of controversy and conversation. Whether it is his raunchy choices and being captured in controversial acts or his fashion choices, that provoke ample talk and impress in all sorts of ways, or his constantly changing hairstyles, Bieber happens to always make it into the headlines.

Lately it has been all over the place, and this time it is his hair. Recently, the Canadian popstar was being scrutinized for his choice to sport newly donned dreadlocks, which received a general reaction of displeasure. Other celebrities that have been in the news for their hair on various occasions are definitely popstar Zayn Malik and Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, who both actually recently colored their hair bright pink. Indie pop singer Halsey also caused an uproar when she cut her hair off, almost completely.

Bieber is back in the news for his hair. This time, it is not because he died it platinum blonde, like before. This time fans actually were very happy that he discarded his dreadlocks look. They happened to rejoice and be quite relieved that he no longer will be donning those dreadlocks. The dreadlocks, which I do not believe are so dreadful, were replaced by a buzzcut look.

When criticized for his choice in the dreadlocks, Bieber definitely had some reactions, when according to sources, he claimed being weird is fun and likeable. While fans are celebrating this I urge Bieber to be himself and be proud of his choices; after all he is successful and 22.


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