Kesha Fans Plan A Sony Music Protest

Tick tock on the clock ’til Kesha’s fans demand justice for their pop sensation. Kesha, who has yet to release a studio album since her last installment in 2012, is still in the clutches of her label and abusive producer. According to Kesha’s mother the producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald told Kesha “if she did not do what she was told ,he would tie her up in litigations until she was “too old ” to make a record .” Kesha has tried hard to not disappear completely from her fans and her passions. She had a small role on The CW’s “Jane The Virgin” and “Jem And The Holograms” and has been performing live with a new band called “Yeast Infection.” Still her fans are demanding not just more Kesha hits, but for the artist to finally be freed from this abusive forced relationship.


Tuesday, Jan. 26, a protest is being held in Kesha’s defense brought on by a petition on Care2, with celebrity support from comedian and actress Margaret Cho and Kesha’s mother and over 107,800 signatures and counting. The supporting fans of Kesha are planning on protesting Sony Music Entertainment’s for their constant refusal to free Kesha from her contract, which has prevented her from attempting to make any more music with other producers.

Care2 released a statement to the Huffington Post declaring: “We’re protesting at the courthouse to drive home that Sony needs to listen to more than 107,000 petitioners who want to save Kesha’s career and human rights. Pop music fans are sending a clear message that they won’t stand for Sony’s completely unethical and inhumane treatment of a woman who was brave enough to speak up about sexual abuse.”


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