Apocalyptic-Punk “Kill V Maim” Video Is Glorious and Gorey

The latest Grimes album “Art Angels” was declared by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the best albums of 2015. And Grimes wastes no time kicking off 2016 with the most talked about music video on Twitter Tuesday. The video for their battle-cry-esque-pop-synth-Pollock-painting of a song “Kill V Maim” visually hit every electric fiber that the song created audibly. The lyrics were written “From the perspective of Al Pacino in The Godfather part II”. The only slight creative difference is that now “he is a vampire who can switch gender and travel through space.”

It takes turns here and there in the video. Starting and ending in the style of an early Law and Order (making sure the viewer is aware at the end, that they are dead). It maintains the grunge in a post-apocalyptic subway station, a dystopian rave party full of blood and viscera, and a Mad Max style car ride through a futuristic city, driving a pink Malibu-Barbie-esque vehicle decked out with chains, massive engines, and babes welding and battle axes. Crazy cartoons that pop in at random, just to remind you that you’re watching a very odd piece of art from the Art Angel herself. It all seems to truly rise to and exceed the expectation of the hit song.

Grimes had a successful debut in 2015 as well with the video “Flesh Without Blood”. It was called one of the best music videos of 2015. And this latest powerhouse directed by herself and her brother reveals that the artist has many more tricks up her sleeves (Which are Versace, that she pairs fashionably with black angel wings and gold teeth).

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